Hi buddies , well after a trip to the far away Siberia Im back in London , tattooing full time. 
This full sleeve was his first tattoo, yeah pretty amazing. Im so grateful for how people trust me , for being who I am , for having more than I always needed . 
I may not be the best tattooer in the world, but i got so much passion for this craft...
I sold my soul the Tattoo gods, i have left everything behind in order to follow what I always believed on . I always dreamt big , non in the materialistic world but my world .
Im grateful , you should be aswell, if you are able to read all this shit it means your life is as good as mine, we booth have a roof , a hot shower, food , clothes to choose from , etc . 
Our life is way better than most people on the planet , lets help more people to catch this train , lets celebrate life for the seek of it .